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Iowa Youth Symposium 2015 will be held October 20-21.

Some information on this website was updated July 17, 2015, including the topic list and two of the background guides.
More information will be available later this summer.

Note: some information from last year has been left on the website as reference information for new participants and new advisors. Updated information will be provided when it is available.



Roundtable Discussion Guest Experts

Detailed Schedule for the 2014 Symposium

Letter from IYS Chair Beth Ann Schumacher,Dated Oct 15, 2014

Includes information about security, meeting rooms, speakers, bus parking, etc.

Schedule and Deadlines 2015
Contact Person
Security, Rules of Behavior, Bus Parking
Topics and Research Guides for 2015
Resolutions & Position Papers
Regional Meetings
Link to Iowa High School Model United Nations web site

2012: https://sites.google.com/site/ihsmun0uni/iowa-youth-symposium-documents---2012

2013: https://sites.google.com/site/ihsmun0uni/announcements/finalresolutionlinks

Use the links above to access documents from previous Iowa Youth Symposiums.

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Schedule and Deadlines

The 2015 Iowa Youth Symposium (IYS) will be held Tuesday, October 20 and Wednesday, October 21, 2015 at the State Capitol Complex in Des Moines. It is scheduled annually to coincide with United Nations Day. It is organized and sponsored by the Iowa United Nations Association Faculty Advisors Committee (IUNAFAC).

    • August 1: Research guides should be available for all topics. See links below.
    • October 1: Last day for Regional meetings. Site hosts, please let Mary Helfter (see contact information below) know when you schedule your regional so that the site, date, time, and location information can be posted on this web site. Also, please send an email to Beth Ann Schumacher with the number of delegates from your school on each topic so that room assignments can be determined.
    • October 8: Last day to submit regional position papers. Send by email to Mary Helfter. Please do not use special formatting.
    • October 12: Regional position papers should all be available to read, at this web site. Advisors and delegates, please print your own. They will not be mailed to you.
    • Tuesday, October 20, Pre-plenary at the State Capitol Complex for students selected from Regionals. Roundtable discussions coordinated by Todd Crites from Grinnell and Andrew Bouska from Ankeny. Note a schedule change: the roundtable discussions will be held in the morning, before discussion of position papers.
    • Wednesday, October 21, Plenary Session for all student participants, at the State Capitol Complex.

Topics and Research Guides

Topics for 2015: When the research guide is available, the topic listed below will have a link.
Research is provided by members of IUNAFAC.

All topics begin with the phrase: "What should be the position of the United States in the United Nations on..."

  1. juvenile offenders? (Social Topic)
  2. free trade vs. fair trade? (Economic Topic)
  3. biometric identification and privacey? (Science Topic)
  4. refugee rights? (Political Topic)

Roundtable Discussion Leaders/Experts, 2015

Social Topic:

Economic Topic:

Science Topic:

Political Topic:

Contact Person

For more information or to submit fees, please contact:

Todd Crites, IYS/IUNAFAC Chair
Grinnell High School
1333 Sunset St.
Grinnell, IA 50112
school phone 641-236-2720
home phone 641-528-2088
cell phone 641-260-1547

To submit web site comments, changes in advisor list, information about your regional, etc., contact:

Mary Helfter, IUNAFAC Treasurer
South O'Brien High School

Roundtable Coordinators

Other IUNAFAC members:


The Iowa Youth Symposium sessions are staffed by students who attend the University of Northern Iowa. Many of the same students make up the staff of the Iowa High School Model United Nations held annually in Cedar Falls at UNI.

Resolutions and Position Papers

The position papers that you take to regionals and that should be submitted from your regional meeting, must be in the following format. The sections should be as follows:

    • Background Information
    • United States Position
    • Justification and Summary
    • Resources should be listed/cited

A sample position paper, 2010 version, is available.

Position Papers from Regional Meetings

After Regional Meetings are held, the submitted papers will be available by following the links below.

All topics begin with the phrase: "What should be the position of the United States in the United Nations on..."

    1. juvenile offenders? (Social Topic)
    2. free trade vs. fair trade? (Economic Topic)
    3. biometric identification and privacey? (Science Topic)
    4. refugee rights? (Political Topic)

The Iowa Youth Symposium web site is provided by South O'Brien Community School District as a service to students and advisors involved in the IYS to make communication more efficient and cost-effective. Research Guides and Position Papers are generated as part of a learning activity and are not under the editorial perview of SOCSD. Links from the Research Guides are not guaranteed to be stable sites and we do not have control over their content.